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2023 Journal Peonies

2023 Journal Peonies

2023 Journal Peonies

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New Journal!

You've been asking for a journal in print, and I've created it for you! Get this journal in print delivered to your home (2-3 weeks shipping), or instantly as a pdf download. You can even choose from two designs!

This journal is the peonies design and is full color throughout. (Click here to purchase this same planner with a different design.)
    Print or Digital
    • Print - In print and shipped to your home. (Note, this option takes several days, maybe even two or three weeks or longer, depending on where you live.)
    • Digital - pdf download that you print yourself
    See inside
    What You'll Get

    100 journaling pages This journal is beautifully designed and full of lined pages for you to journal whatever you want.
    Full size It is 8.5 x 11 inches. If you purchase the digital pdf, you might be able to scale it down with your printer, but that's between you and your devices.
    Undated You will write in the entry date so you can start and stop this journal whenever you desire.
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    For those buying the printed planner, please know that it will take a good while for your printed planner to arrive at your home and a very long time for international customers. I don't mail these from my home. Rather, it is printed on demand. That means that when you order your printed planner, the order is automatically and almost instantly sent to a company in the United States that will produce your copy and then ship that copy to you. The production takes a few days, sometimes several days, and then the ground shipping takes several days. I usually get my books from them in around 2-3 weeks, but it could be longer. I love the print-on-demand option, though, because it allows me to offer you so many wonderful products that I Would not otherwise be able to sell to you.

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    Because this is a digital product and/or print-on-demand product, I cannot give refunds or exchanges. Look carefully at the images to see what you're purchasing. Be careful to choose the correct variation: print or digital and the full-color peonies design or the black and white botanicals design. Also, know that this is dated and starts on January 1, 2023.

    Giving away this printable and/or graphics is stealing. If someone wants it, tell them to come here and get it through my website.

    Do not copy or distribute my products, either for free or commercially. This is for your personal use only. Print as many as you would like for yourself! Making photocopies for people outside of your household is prohibited.

    You will get a license to use this printable for your household only. These pages, graphics, or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

    Torah Sisters LLC carries a commercial license for these fonts and the images used.

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