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Counting the Omer Printable Cards

Counting the Omer Printable Cards

Counting the Omer Printable Cards

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I'm giving away this set of printable cards for counting the omer! Make counting the days and Sabbaths to Shavuot fun and pretty with this free download.

You'll get a pdf file that has fifty cards and fifty blank, but matching, backs. Just download and print onto your favorite paper. Then cut them out and use how you want. Attach to ribbon or string and hang them, or staple them to paper bags or envelopes with treats inside. There are so many ways to use this printable.

I'm including sheets that have backs if you want to print on both sides of your paper. The backs have a small matching design so there is plenty of room to write whatever you want. Each day, you can turn the card around to reveal an activity, verse, prayers, blessings, or a promise of a treat or goodie.

You can attach the cards to ribbon or string and hang in your home. Some of you may want to attach them to paper sacks with treats or toys inside. Just buy cute brown paper bags and fold over the tops, and attach the card to each. Display them on a dresser or counter, and open one each day.

I'm sure there are many other ways to use these cards. Please leave a review and tell us how you will use them!

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