Hebrew Printable Interactive Moon Calendar

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Print this Hebrew calendar with moon phases to help you and your children learn the Biblical calendar in a fun, hands on way!

  • This works with Hillel and Sighted Moon calendars!
  • Two Version of the months included, you choose which ones to print, depending on what you call the months in your home:
    • The traditional Jewish names of the months. (Nissan, Iyar, Sivan, etc.)
    • Just numbered months (1st Month, 2 Month, 3rd Month etc.)
  • Learn to pay attention to the moon.
    • Stick the moon phase onto each day. Write the day number in the small circle.
  • Learn the Hebrew week.
    • 1st Day, 2nd Day, ..., Sabbath!
  • Learn to pay attention to the Feast days on the Hebrew calendar.
    • Includes Feast Day labels to put on your calendar!
    • Put them on whenever YOU celebrate in YOUR home.
    • This works with all calendars!
    • Even counting the omer labels are included!
  • It's all interactive and fun for you and your kids!
  • Buy once and print as many times as you want, year after year.

 More explanation in this video:

Some tips:

Make this printable work for you!  Use it however you want.  Print the calendar and put it on a clipboard, or attach it to the fridge or be creative and display it however you want.

This printable is designed to print onto 8.5 x 11 inch paper

I recommend printing the  moon phases and feast days onto stickers. They are designed to  fit on  labels sold on Amazon. Click here to buy them, or  search for "ASIN  B01DE56YXO." One package of stickers can last you up to 32 months!

If you don't want to buy the stickers, you can just cut them out and glue them on with glue stick onto the large gray area on each day.

Print 12  copies of the calendar page. (Or 13 if there is a 13th month.) Write in the name of the month into the small circle on each day.

Go outside and look at  the moon, then choose the sticker that best matches. Put it on that day, and write in the number of the day of the month. If you can't see the moon, look it up online at a site like www.stardate.org/nightsky/moon.

You'll get one .zip file that contains two .pdf files. One is in full color and the other is more grayscale if you prefer to print in black and white.

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