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Moon Phases 2023

Moon Phases 2023

Moon Phases 2023

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Enjoy this new free printable sign that displays the moon phases for 2022 and 2023. It has this verse on it, "Elohim said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs to mark moedim, days, and years." Genesis 1:14"

I also made a "manly man lumberjack" version for your guys!

What You Get

1 pdf document
1 "girly" 2022 Moon Phases page
1 "girly" 2023 Moon Phases page
1 'manly" 2022 Moon Phases page
1 "manly" 2023 Moon Phases page
Designed for 8.5 x 11 inches

 This item is a digital file that you download and print yourself. Nothing will be shipped.

Giving away this printable and/or graphics is stealing. If someone wants it, tell them to come here and get it through my website.

Do not copy or distribute my products either for free or commercially. This is for your personal use only. Print as many as you would like for yourself!

You will get a license to use this printable for your own household only. These pages, graphics, or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

I carry a commercial license for these fonts and the images used.

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