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Counting the Omer Stickers - Animals

Counting the Omer Stickers - Animals

Counting the Omer Stickers - Animals

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Save them for next year! Store them with your Passover stuff, and you'll be ahead for next year!

The sale is while supplies last. Once these are gone, I won't print more.

Count the Omer with this poster and animal sticker set! It's not just for children but great for all Hebrew believers to make counting the Omer and anticipation of Shavuot more fun and meaningful.

You can buy it printed and mailed to your home, or you can buy the digital pdf download to print as many times as you want to use however you want!

The words on the poster say:

Pray for the Nations
Count the Omer to Shavuot
It will be that whoever will call on the name of יהוה will be saved. Acts 2:21
Torah Sisters


How to Use

Each day of the omer count, find the sticker with the number for that day and put it on the map. Pray for the nations and peoples who live near that animal in that part of the world.

You can also use it as a learning lesson if you want to research that animal or part of the world.

Or use it to talk about clean and unclean animals, but that the father loves all people.

Use this however you want!

You don't have to use the poster at all if you don't want to. The stickers are high-quality vinyl and can be attached to:

water bottles
gift bags
sandwich bags
stick on just about anything!


What to Pray

You can pray any of these things, but do it however you want, or don't pray at all. It's all just tradition. Consider the words and events of Acts 2.

Pray that the people who live there will have:
plenty of food
that they would see torah
and so on


What You Get

You'll get two sticker sheets that are 8.5 x 11 inches each. There are 50 stickers numbered 1-50. Each sticker has a different animal picture, name, and number.

You'll get one reversible poster! One side has a brown map of the world, and the other side has a more colorful map. Choose which side you prefer. The poster is 11x17 inches and will arrive folded in half.

I'll also include a one-page legend that is a help of where each of the animals lives. It's not meant to be a science lesson, just a help. You can certainly put the stickers wherever you want.


High Quality

High-quality vinyl stickers

They are the same thickness and quality stickers I've always sold.

They are kiss cut instead of die cut. 


Option of the Digital Download pdf

You can save some money by purchasing the digital download pdf. Print the pages yourself, cut out the animals, and get creative with some glue sticks. 

The benefit is that you can print the posters and animals as many times as you want for your own household use! Print a set for each child!

All are in pdf format with several images on one page. (You're NOT getting individual pngs)



I'm giving free shipping to US customers, $5 shipping to Canada, and $10 to other international customers.

They will be sent via First Class mail. 

Plan and don't wait until the last minute to order! The mail can be finicky and take a while!

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