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Passover Planner "Heart and Home"

Passover Planner "Heart and Home"

Passover Planner "Heart and Home"

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NOTE:  The printed book will take 3-4 weeks to arrive to US buyers. It will come directly from the printer, on-demand, and that process takes a good while. Please order well ahead of when you need it delivered. If you are an international customer, it could take well over 3 weeks.  

Get this Passover and Unleavened Bread Planner to organize your planning and make it easy next year to remember what you did and loved this year.  It is 98 pages of full-color planning pages with loads of room to customize and make notes, lists, journal your Bible study, and more. It's available in print or instant download!

Please watch the video below for a show and tell of the planner.

Part 1 is for preparing your home. It's full of logistics and has everything from shopping lists, to menu planning, budget, removing leaven note pages and so much more! 

Part 2 is for preparing your heart. It has just loads of blank journaling pages for you to use to spend time with YHWH in your own personal devotion time.

This planner is highly customizable. I know you all do Passover differently, so I've included pages that will work for all of you! If you don't do a Seder, just skip those pages. Don't see something you need to note? Just use the blank notes pages. There's plenty of room to write and make each page your own.

About the Printed Book Version

The print book is 6x9 inches, paperback, full color throughout and will be mailed to your home. Please allow several days for delivery. It could take 1-3 weeks in the US, and even longer for international shipping.

About the Digital Download Version

Why Getting a Digital Download Product is Great

There are several benefits of getting a digital downloadable product that you can print at home.

  • Instant download!
  • You can print just the pages you want.
  • You can choose the design you want for several pages and print multiples of that page you love.
  • You can print it new again year after year! And you can print it as many times as you want for your own household use.
  • You can put the pages in any order you want in a binder or on a clipboard.
  • Make a big mistake on a page? No worries, just print that page again!
  • You get 4 sizes to choose from.
  • You can print it in color as is, or in grayscale/black and white. Both are elegant.
  • Put the pages in an existing binder or make a new binder for Feast planning. (I MIGHT have more planners coming throughout the year for the other Feasts, YHWH willing! ;)
  • You can put pages from this planner into your existing planner by just hole punching.

What You Get in the Digital Download Version

100 page pdf file

4 Sizes!

  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • 5.8 X 8.3 inches (A5)
  • 5.5 X 8.5 inches
  • 4.2” X 6.75 inches

The download will be a .zip file.

The digital download version is a digital file that you download and print yourself. Nothing will be shipped.

They are each pdf print-ready files, so they are big. You can take it to a local printer to have printed for your own household.

New to Passover

If you're brand new to doing Passover, you will love the bonus section where I add in my own notes and checklists of how I do my Passover in my home. Just take what you want from those lists and include it in your planner notes. It goes right along with these two links where you can download my Haggadah and Passover kit.

Video Show and Tell


Fine Print That You Should Actually Read

These are shipped directly from the printer, not from me at my home. Therefore, there may be a packing slip in the package that notes the source and price. This may be important for you to know if you are sending this directly as a gift and don't want them to know the cost.

Giving away this printable and/or graphics is stealing. If someone wants it, tell them to come here and get it through my website.

Do not copy or distribute my products either for free or commercially. This is for your personal use only. Print as many as you would like for yourself!

You will get a license to use this printable for your own household only. These pages, graphics or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

I carry a commercial license for these fonts and the images used.

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