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Passover Postcards 2023

Passover Postcards 2023

Passover Postcards 2023

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This is a one-time purchase for a limited time! I'll mail these postcards to your home so you can send them to friends, family, people in a ministry you want to encourage, and those far away who you wish lived closer. Let people know you're thinking about them during this special season with a postcard.

You'll get ten cards total. There are 2 of each design. They are 4x6 inches. Printed on heavy cardstock. They are the same paper as the rest of the postcards I've been selling.

There's not a lot to say here. Every now and then I get a handwritten note, card or postcard from someone and it means so much to me! It's such a thoughtful thing that someone took a moment out of their day to handwrite a note of encouragement. Do it for others, too.

People love getting postcards. You don't have to say a lot to make an impact. It's a bonus that postage for postcards is more affordable, too.

Just please plan ahead and order now. Time will fly and you'll forget. When my stock is gone, I might not order more. There will come a time when they will be sold out.

Shipping is free to US customers, and $1 to international customers.

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