Torah Planning Pages

I have an all new product that you have been asking for! Each month I'll give you a new packet of planning pages to make understanding and planning your Torah Faith walk a little easier and a lot prettier.

Get dozens of planning pages that include:

Calendar Posters!

  • Hillel/Jewish
  • Sighted Sliver
  • Conjunction with Equinox for start of the year
  • Zadok/Priestly

The calendars and Feast Day posters are great to display in your home. They tell you:

  • Feast Dates
  • New Moons
  • Moon Phases
  • Write in sunset time on Friday
  • Torah Portions
  • Hebrew day and month
  • Gregorian day and month
  • Days of the week

Year at a glance page

2 page spread month overview

Verse of the month page

Plan your week with:

  • Week overview page
  • Weekly meal planning page
  • 2 pages for Sabbath planning/Prep Day lists. (These are blank so you can customize them.)

Every day there is:

  • A Bible study and prayer page that includes a daily chronological Bible reading in a year plan and lists that week's Torah Portion. (The year plan will start over again on April 1, because that around when most of us start the Bible New Year.) These pages can be used with any Bible reading plan. Just write in your own passage or study.
  • A daily list and hourly schedule page to keep you on track.

Period tracker to help you keep that Niddah law of when to not have intercourse with your husband.

You will get a new set each month with a beautiful new design and colors which will be a surprise! 

You can just print the pages you want to use. And print them as much as you want for your own household use. (Giving them away to others is stealing.) 

You can cancel anytime.