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30-Day Sabbath Challenge

30-Day Sabbath Challenge

30-Day Sabbath Challenge

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Transform Your Life by Resting God’s Way - A Step-by-Step Guide

What if the answer to your stressed-out, hurried life is hiding in plain sight in the first few pages of your Bible? If you are stressed out, too busy, and want more time to foster deeper relationships with God, your spouse, and your family, you need Sabbath rest. If you've tried everything else but have never tried the Bible's solution to your busy problem, now is the time. Try keeping Sabbath God's way for 30 days, giving you four Sabbaths of rest. Each day, you will read a Bible verse and a short reading and complete an assignment. You’ll learn how to rest well, grow relationships with God and others, and even enjoy these special rest days. In only 30 days, you can radically transform your life, relationships, and faith walk with Jesus. You get 30 days of Scriptures, readings, and assignments.

How This Book Works

You'll start by reading Day 1 on a Sunday.

Each day, you'll read three things:
  1. Bible verse or short passage
  2. A short reading of instruction and encouragement. (Most days, it will take only about 5 minutes to read.)
  3. An assignment to keep you on track.
Amy will take you step by step by step to guide you to rest on each of the 4 Sabbaths in the upcoming 30 days.

By completing the assignments, you'll be ready to do Sabbath right away, just seven days after you start the challenge! You'll benefit from the effort and dedication you give this challenge immediately with an entire day off in just one week!

  • 30 days of readings
  • Intended to start on a Sunday
  • I will guide you step by step through four Sabbaths
  • Daily Scripture Passage
  • Very short daily reading with instruction and encouragement
  • Organized & Easy to Stay on Track
  • A short daily assignment
  • 126 pages
  • Paperback
  • Glossy cover

About the Assignments

Keep a pen and journal or notebook handy so you can write down each day's assignment. It doesn't have to be fancy. You can even take your notes on your phone.

Some assignments might be to make a list of your family's favorite meals that you think you can prepare ahead. On another day the assignment might be to journal a prayer of thanks.

You should do each assignment on the day that you read it, but some could be pushed back a day or two. 


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