Back Issue Bundle Discount

Back Issue Bundle Discount

Back Issue Bundle Discount

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This bundle has 2 Passover issues until they run out! Get yours fast.

Get this bundle of every print back issue I still have in stock at a VERY DEEP discount! I can afford to do this because  I save a lot on shipping when you buy several at once.

Ideas for use

  • Start a lending library for your fellowship.
  • Have an extra set on hand to loan to friends.
  • Gift a set to a new Torah Keeper.
  • Gift a set to a woman who is in the hospital or is homebound. They can use something uplifting to read!
  • Give it to a new mom who has time to read while she feeds her new baby.
  • Give it to your elders' wives.
  • Gift a set to women who serve you to show your appreciation.
  • Give to the hostess when you are invited somewhere.
  • Give to the hostess of an event, like a Passover or Feast.
  • Gift a set to a woman who is going through a hard time and could use encouragement.
  • Have an extra set to save for your daughter one day.
  • Give to your daughters in law.


All the Feasts are Included! (AND 2 PASSOVER ISSUES!)

This bundle has a magazine for each Feast of Passover/Unleavened Bread in Issue 11, Shavuot in Issue 12 and Sukkot and the Fall Feasts in Issue 14!  Get this special bundle before some of these sell out.


What you Get

Right now the bundle includes 8 issues! Issue 9 is a free bonus issue while supplies last.


What You Will Not Get

The digital pdf files are not included with this bundle. It is for the printed magazines only.



Shipping is free to the United States. All magazines must be shipped together to one single address. I cannot ship this bundle internationally. Shipping to US will be via USPS Ground Advantage.

If you want me to ship them directly to someone else, just put their name and address in the shipping fields, and I'm happy to do that for you.




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