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Clean & Unclean Foods and Product List

Clean & Unclean Foods and Product List

Clean & Unclean Foods and Product List

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Get this 33-page list of foods that are clean and products that are not clean or have unclean ingredients, or risk of cross-contamination with unclean items.

This list is taken from the nice folks at the Israel of God Research Committee who spend a great deal of time researching and keeping this list. Click here to visit their website where this came from. All I did was put it into this format.

You'll get a .zip file that you'll need a computer to open. Inside the .zip file are two files. I'm giving you the list in a .pdf and in Microsoft Word .docx version.  The list is 33 pages long, so be patient when downloading.

You certainly may edit the .doc version to suit your needs.

Some things you should know:

1. The Israel of God folks and myself are doing our best. It is virtually impossible for this list to be perfect and up to date. Give us all grace.

2. Don't give the file to someone else. Send them here to get the file for themselves so they can be notified when I update the file. It also helps me a great to deal to know how often a file is downloaded so I know if it's worth investing my time in to update over time.

3. You should contact the Israel of God folks if you have specific questions as I am not the one compiling this list. Click here to contact them. I imagine they are like me and may have time to read emails, but not necessarily to respond. You can also email them information that may be helpful. 

4. Not all of us will agree on all the items on this list. Different Hebrew families sometimes have different interpretations of how to determine what is permissible to eat and what is not. This list is what that congregation has decided.  I'm not telling you what to eat or not to eat. This printable is most useful for those of you who use their list as a reference and want to be able to print it in a pretty way. As I always say, I'm not the boss of you.  :) Do your own research and follow your own conscience.


What You Get

One .zip file with a a pdf AND a .docx file inside.

You must download and unzip the files on a computer, not a mobile device or tablet. You can view the pdf on your device after you have unzipped it on your computer.

This item is a digital file that you download and print yourself. Nothing will be shipped.

Giving away this printable and/or graphics is stealing. If someone wants it, tell them to come here and get it through my website.

Do not copy or distribute my products either for free or commercially. This is for your personal use only. Print as many as you would like for yourself!

You will get a license to use this printable for your own household only. These pages, graphics, or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the expressed written permission of the publisher.

I carry a commercial license for these fonts and the images used.

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