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Fall 2018 pdf Digital Issue of Torah Sisters Magazine

Fall 2018 pdf Digital Issue of Torah Sisters Magazine

Fall 2018 pdf Digital Issue of Torah Sisters Magazine

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Get the pdf/digital Fall 2018 issue of Torah Sisters Magazine to download and read online, offline or print on your home printer. You'll get immediate access to your download file. NOTES: This is a single issue only, not a subscription. It's a downloadable product. Nothing will be shipped.

40 pages in this Fall issue including all of the following:

Low Cost Sukkot Staycation Kid Fun
Our Family Traditions
Five Ways to Mother Your Motherhood
The Sabbath: Five Ways to Ruin It
Stargazing Sukkot Party
Homemade Bug and Tick Repellant
Help! It’s Sukkot and I’m in Charge of the Kids
A Homemade Pumpkin Patch for Sukkot
Helping Special Needs Children Cope with the Feast Days
How to Have Peace in a Bad News World
Practical Niddah
Fall Feast Decorations that Won’t Break the Bank

Activities, Recipes, Posters
Chocolate Chip Dream Bars
Decorate Your Sukkah Activity
Sukkot Word Search
1 John 2:3 Scripture Poster
Torah Portions September-November

Contributing Authors
Kayte Abaffy
Christy Jordan
Jennifer Hagner
Sharon Butler
Taylor Richards
Amy Guenther
Lisa Barthuly
Jennifer Hagner
Judith (Yehudit) Garton
Anne Elliott
Heidi Cooper

Find encouragement, ideas and connections.

You’ll love articles that relate to YOU and YOUR torah life in Yeshua. Our contributors are ladies (and maybe the occasional man) who follow Yeshua as Messiah and guard Torah. If you’re feeling a little lonely in this walk or want some encouragement or inspiration, then this magazine is for you.

Feast and Sabbath Ideas Abound!

Articles, tips and ideas about the Sabbath and the Feasts are frequent in Torah Sisters Magazine. Be inspired, see how others celebrate, and be drawn into deeper worship on these precious Moedim.

Brighten Your Everyday Life

Inside, you’ll be drawn in by our talented contributors’ ideas for making your everyday more enjoyable, easier or fun. We’ll provide articles on everything from footsie scrubs, to decorating, to crafts and more!

Deepen Your Spiritual Walk

Deepening your spiritual walk with YHVH through His Son, Yeshua, is central to Torah Sisters Magazine. Be encouraged by articles that will challenge you from Scripture, lead you to the Savior and help you walk through your darkest days.

Torah Portions and Scripture Poster

Cut out the Torah Portions page to put on your fridge or into your Bible for easy reference. It’s so pretty! You’ll also get a Scripture poster pretty enough to frame.

Kids Activity Pages

The kids will enjoy the activity pages from our friends at Bible Pathway Adventures.

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