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Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

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This listing is for getting the maximum exposure to the audience of Torah Sisters. You can purchase a full-page ad or a half-page ad in Torah Sisters Magazine. You will also get a mention in an email to my entire list, and a Facebook mention.  Click here to read the entire media kit and learn more about the reach of these packages.

April 2, 2023, is the deadline to get in the next issue in production, which is the July/August Issue 13, 2023. Pay & send your image to by that date.

That issue is for July/August Issue 13, 2023, and will be released on April 15-16, 2023 Your email and Facebook mention will happen sometime in May or June of 2023.

What You Get

  • Choose full page OR half page ad
  • Mention with text and image sent to the entire Torah Sisters email list
  • Mention with text and image to the Torah Sisters Facebook page

Things to know

  • You will submit the copy (text) you want for your email and Facebook mentions. Be sure to write it as if you were me, "Check out this... " or "You will love this..." and so on.
  • You will email your ad images to
  • If you have questions, email me.

What types of ads are allowed

It's hard to say exactly which ads will be allowed. See the next section.

What types of ads are NOT allowed

This is tough because each situation is so unique. The decision on whether or not to publish an ad is on a case-by-case basis. 

I'm not allowing most ads for books, teachings, studies, etc. If you see an ad for one of those, it's probably because it's from someone I've known for years or a children's book.

I'm not allowing most health/wellness-related ads. 

There may certainly be other ads I would refuse, such as websites that might pull Torah Sisters away from Yeshua, into sin, etc. 

If I refuse your ad, I'll certainly give you a refund. It may be best to email me first and tell me what you want to promote so I can screen it before you purchase it here.

What to do Next

  1. Pay and submit your text here on this page.
  2. Email your ad pdf to Include your order number from here.
  3. We need your ad in high resolution, print-ready pdf format, but then also send an image for your email and Facebook mention. Click here to read more details about image requirements.

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