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Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads

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Did you read everything at That's where all the details are about advertising.

The cost is per issue.

After You've Read

Thank you for purchasing an ad in Torah Sisters Magazine!

You can purchase a full-page ad. Your ad will also be placed on my website. Click here to see that Advertiser page. 

NOTE: I'm not selling the smaller ads, right now. I'm only selling full-page ads.



Pay & send your image to by these dates.

July 26, 2024, is the deadline to get in the November/December Issue 21, 2024.  It will be released in early to mid-October. Your ad will be on the Advertiser page from around November 1 to December 31.

October 1, 2024, is the deadline to get in the January/February Issue 22, 2024.  It will be released in early to mid-December. Your ad will be on the Advertiser page from around January 1 to February 28.


If you've never advertised before, click here and read the notes at the bottom and follow the instructions about emailing Amy first to be sure your promotion is a good fit.

My email is

    What to do Next

    1. Be sure you have read everything on this page.
    2. Be sure I've approved you to be an advertiser.
    3. Fill in the blanks with the information required.
    4. Add to cart.
    5. Pay for your ad.
    6. Email your ad to Include your order number from here.
    7. We need your ad in high resolution, print-ready pdf format AND as a jpeg. You may send a Dropbox or file transfer link.
    8. If you are unsure what "high-resolution, print-ready pdf, jpeg format" means, click here and scroll to the bottom for some helpful videos I made for you.
    9. Understand that I have the right to reject your ad, and will give you a full refund if we can't work something out.
    10. Understand that it is your job to provide the ad and make sure it is high resolution and looks how you want it to look. We will print whatever you give us. 

      Thank you!

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